Living with HIV is something that will take some getting used to but is perfectly manageable and relatively easy to do once you understand the basics, link yourself into qualified care, and establish a support network. 


The basics have just been outlined for you here on and we will continue to update it for your reference.  You will also have to keep yourself knowledgeable on changes in care and medications,  your doctor can help with this but we suggest you check out some of these websites are many portals out there however only rely on credible sites and beware of any that offer miracle cures or special inside information any site that asks for any kind of financial requirement is to be avoided.  If you are over 50 years old look at

You might think that this is something that you can go through alone but for almost all of us you will need some support.  Now this can come in many different forms, loved ones, family, friends and professionals. You will need to look for the system that best suits your needs.  If you look you will find that there is a usually a support group in your area and they are an excellent place to go.  You might have to go to several groups


Relationships are one of the first things that people think about.  The first feeling will probably be one of thinking that no one will ever want you again. The road ahead will not be as easy but you will need to embrace this new chapter of your life.  Dealing with a new relationship will be different but with certainty you will once again be dating as before.  Many people often experience a heightened sense of being alone after being diagnosed HIV positive but this is normal and natural.  Joining a group, seeing a therapist, or even chatting online will be the best way to deal with these feelings but you must engage with someone and not sit and brew into a depressed state of mind.

At some point you will need to look into joining a support group or seeking out someone to talk to.

Health is going to be paramount from now on forward.  Daily generic basic vitamins are one of your best friends you should be taking one daily but making sure it as at least 6 hours before or after your daily medication. Now is the time to look into eating super foods such as broccoli, berries, oatmeal, organic produce. There are a wealth of healthy eating resources available online.  Do be careful of swinging the pendulum the other way and be fooled by fad diets or extreme eating.  A healthy well balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and low in sugars and fats is always the best option.