Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Am I going to die?

No you are not.  You are going to get more tests, see a doctor who will prescribe you medications, and you will live a normal, happy, long , life.

Can I ever have sex again?

Yes of course you can!  Sooner than you think too.  Will things be different? Probably. With new research showing that with proper medications and a little time you will not be able to transmit the virus to your partner.

What medications are best for me?

Like snowflakes nobody is exactly alike.  Your doctor after examining your test results will make recommendations and ultimately after a little research you will choose medications that are right for you. 

How long will I have to take my medications?

Well, the answer to that is you will have to take it  forever.

Do they have a cure coming soon?

Sadly not in the near future.  We all hope and pray that it will soon be found.  Nobody can accurately predict when the cure will be discovered but expect it to take a very long time.

Has anyone ever been completely cured of HIV?

Well basically not really while there are about 9 people that have been able to stay off their medications and not have HIV start replicating again after a very highly unusual set of circumstances. The individuals usually had experimental treatments, genetic anomalies, bone marrow transplants and stem cell treatments, including one man who had a unique genetic disposition and received an early experimental combination of HIV medications and one man that had an experimental stem cell transplant from a donor with a specific genetic anomaly. They are still conducting research to see if they have been cured or are just in remission

How much is this all going to cost?

That is a very good question. Depending upon the variables of location, insurance, private or public facilities, your medications, and your ability to research it will vary greatly.  Routinely you will be spending much more in your three  months of treatment, then costs should decrease. Please contact your local HIV support group for more information on getting financial resources.