So Now What?

A guide to your HIV+ diagnosis

First you need to sit down and breathe because right now you have to make some decisions and learn about HIV, however everything is going to be fine.  Being HIV positive is not what you think it is, you are going to recover from this shock and soon you will continue on with your normal happy healthy life!  You have to decide if you want to call some one right away or if you can manage the first few days by yourself.  If you are partnered you will need to tell them and look to them for support.  There is no need to rush into telling anyone else at this point, stop, reflect and decide if you truly want to call someone.  Many people have an urge to tell everyone but for most people this urge will pass because your health issues are private and you are quite able to get through this first phase of a new chapter in your new life with support from the HIV+ community.  There is plenty of time in the future, after you have prepared and rehearsed yourself, to let the people you care about know.


Building a new you.

This is a journey that you probably have never thought about taking.  However you must clearly realize that this is really happening so stop, pause, and think about what do you really need to do to start your pathway back to your normal healthy life?   We will be here to give you a framework and a detailed list of first steps to take.  You must focus clearly the next few weeks and understand this is a serious matter but will be resolved much faster than you think. Throughout this site you will see images of modern architecture which represents the new chapter that we are building together.

You are not alone 

we promise.