If you do have a very low CD4 count/percentage you and your doctor will have to make a slightly more complicated treatment plan and if you happen to have a CD4 count below 200/14% you are considered to have AIDS and will need to take extra precautions.  This diagnosis does not mean that your health will continue to decline but wih a proper treatment plan you will soon e healthy again.  You will probably be prescribed some extra antibiotics (Septrin or Bactrim) that will prevent you from getting dangerous opportunistic infections, these drugs do not treat HIV but rather keep you protected from pneumonia (PCP) and other infections.   You will also need an eye examination to screen for CMV.  Until your CD4 numbers do rise you will have to avoid any raw foods like sushi or rare meats and ensure that all of your food and water is from very reliable hygienic sources.  Avoid touching soil, exposure to animals, and be sure to get plenty of sleep and eat as healthy as possible.  Cigarettes, alcohol and recreational drugs should be completely avoided and if you need to seek out support groups do not hesitate.

If you also have a co-infection of tuberculosis or hepatitis you will most likely need to treat these before you start your HIV medications.  Your doctor will be able to advise you on the best treatment options and proper testing schedules.